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Empowering you with the savvy to know exactly what your body needs to heal.

Get bloat-free days, regular BMs, and total gut restoration by uncovering your root causes and addressing them with sustainable nutrition and lifestyle strategies. Let our personalized “food as medicine” approach help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Functional gut health dietitian, Paulina Lee, RD, LD, MSHS who specializes in gut health, personalized nutrition,functional medicine, and root cause approach

Our Savvy Strategy

Tired of being told your gut issues are “all in your head” or just from stress?

Eliminated all the “trigger” foods, but still have bloating, gas, or painful BMs?

Let Savvy Stummy help you identify and address the real root causes of symptoms like:

bloating, gas, acne, ezcema, inconsistent bowel movements, food allergies, food sensitivities, weight loss resistance, hormone imbalances, mental fatigue, physical fatigue, brain fog.

I design personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans to provide long-term solutions to your gut issues while activating self-healing. Gain freedom from your symptoms and return to loving and trusting food with the knowhow to provide your body with exactly what it needs.


What We Do

Start repairing your gut imbalances naturally so that you can regain consistent BMs, resolve skin issues, and feel your best.

As Seen In…

Media features that functional gut health dietitian and gut health expert, Paulina Lee, has been featured in: Eat This, Not That!, She Finds, The Vitamin Shoppe, Fox News, Men's Health, Popsugar.

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