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At Savvy Stummy, we understand that being in control of your gut issues is as important as having control in all other aspects of your life. But to do that, identifying the root cause of YOUR digestive symptoms is the first step to restore your gut.

Unfortunately, there is no one right diet or supplement to ease every digestive problem. What’s even worse is that sifting through answers on the internet just leave you feeling even more frustrated and hopeless about what would work best for you.

We believe that improving your gut or IBS symptoms doesn’t mean you need to follow restrictive diets or take medications in order to regain control of your life. Sometimes conventional medicine doesn’t always help, which is exactly why we’ve worked with so many of you to improve gut function with a natural approach.

You can end the guessing game of figuring out your trigger foods and instead eat in a way that can not only bring relief from symptoms, but recovery and total gut restoration.

All offers on this page are for U.S. only with certain limitations based on the state you live in

Image of Paulina Lee, MSHS, RD, LD: gut health and IBS detitian representing 1:1 programs for personalized nutrition and functional testing

Recommended for those with complicated cases or who need a lot of support and customization.

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly meetings
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Testing as recommended
  • 15% supplement discount 
Image of test tubes with liquids and herbs: used to represent functional testing where you can purchase individual functional testing, like GI Map stool testing and food sensitivity testing with personalized meal plans, nutrition & supplement protocols.

Recommended for those who need lab tests & customization but less support & accountability.

  • Gut symptom root cause lab testing
  • Analysis and walk-through of test results
  • Customized meal, supplement, & lifestyle plan
  • 15% supplement discount